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Hydraulic Hose Reel And Grab System

We integrate the motor, the pump, hydraulic hose spring reel and electrical distribution box into a bracket, and fix this bracket in the workshop crane rail and the bracket goes synchronously with the Electric Hoist. When the grab is lifted up and down for cargo handling, the hydraulic hose reel will withdraw and feed the hydraulic hoses (suction hose and return hose) for the grab to drive the double-acting cylinders inside the grab to open/close the grab scoops. List a few photos at scene for perusal: hydraulic hose reel system, convey system working, full load trash grab etc.

These two grab handling systems have save much labour cost and increased working efficiency for the user. And grab opening/closing can be control with wireless remote control, which improved the working environment of the workers.

This project application is at Nine Dragons Paper (Holdings) Limited , the largest producer of containerboard products in China. Stock Code: 2689


grab full load the trash grab immerger under water

Hydraulic Hose Reel Installation Hydraulic Hose Reel Ready

Hydraulic Hose Reel System hydraulic trash grab


grab fish out the trash from pool  convey system working